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Sex and Job Loss

Sex and Job Loss

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Sex and Job Loss
How Job-loss effects our lives...
How Does This Impact My Sex Life?
Job-loss is a distraction...
Sex does not increase confidence.
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Warning: Please be aware that this article is about an adult topic. If you continue, you will read material intended for mature readers only.

The loss of a job can have a very powerful impact on so many parts of our life, including our emotions. For some, feelings of sadness, loss and grief  may lead to depression.  Anxiety for the challenges that lie ahead and feelings of hopelessness due to the uncertainty about a new job may also be common feelings.  Make sure that you review the Job Recovery Checklist!

The loss of a job can ultimately shatter our sense of “self” and confidence in our knowledge, skills and abilities...

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you have lost your job, and are in a family or relationship and are coping, then you probably already know about the Birds & the Bees and we hope this information is helpful and informative.



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