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Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiations

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The KEY to salary negotiations is PREPARATION!!!!!

Like other parts of the job search process, the key to salary negotiations is preparation. It is important to do RESEARCH before you begin. In order to determine the salary you are willing to accept, investigate the salary range someone with your skills and experience can expect to receive.

How to Find Salary Information?

On the web: Go to => The Library => Professional Associations => Your Networking Group => Career Centers

The Negotiations

Once you have an idea of the salary and benefits you are willing to accept, it's time to negotiate. Don't sell yourself short! If the employer makes an offer that does not seem reasonable discuss your concerns and do the following:

  • Present your concerns in a calm, constructive, non-threatening manner.
  • Show the employer your research and back it up with your knowledge of the position.
  • Focus on why you have concerns, as opposed to making general statements about what you think you may deserve.

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