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The Insight Game

The Insight Game

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The Insight Game is not a test, so there is no test booklet, no answer sheet, no #2 pencil, no scoring nuisance, no feedback delay. It’s fun!

In less than ten minutes, you can discover your personality type by sorting a deck of two-sided playing cards onto a colorful solitaire game board decorated with letters representing the four pairs of preference and attitude choices.

Even as you play the game, reading the cards, selecting the preferred side and stacking them face-up on the appropriate letters, you will actually begin to learn the meaning of Extraversion/Introversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling and Perception/Judging.

When all the cards have been dealt, the stacks are compared to identify the preferences, and a four-letter type code is determined.

An information-packed summary personality profile is yours—free! A more in-depth career information and extensive loving relationship profiles are available for only $6.95, or $12.95 for the Comprehensive Personality Profile.



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