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Is Hiring Really a 'Game'? Yes, it is!

Is Hiring Really a 'Game'? Yes, it is!

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By Skip Freeman,


When we think of the term “game,” most of us usually think of something that is a diversion, sport or some form of competitive entertainment. Chances are, most of us don’t even consider that many other things in life also have all the characteristics of a game . . . such as the hiring process. Make no mistake about it, in virtually every sense, hiring is a game!

That hiring is a “game,” becomes even clearer when we view a broader definition of what constitutes a game:

•    An event or situation involving two or more players, in which each player may win or lose based upon the decisions that they themselves—or others— make or fail to make.

This broader definition, which relates to the field of study known as “game theory,” gives you “cause for pause,” doesn’t it? Viewed from this perspective, one can easily see how hiring (along with many other things in life, of course) is indeed a game.  And, once you accept and understand that hiring is a game, you will be able to approach the playing field from a whole new, much more informed perspective.

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