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Resume Zapper

Resume Zapper

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Resume Zapper
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All Pages has been a premier online Resume Distribution Service since 1998.

E-Mail Your Resume to 1000's of Headhunters!

ResumeZapper distributes resumes of many job seekers directly to thousands of recruiters. The company focuses on providing the best exposure of their customers by allowing the customer to distribute their resume to quality executive recruiters by industry and geographic location. The ResumeZapper targets thousands of top U.S. recruitment firms and sends your resume to their inbox. Currently they have over 7,900 recruiters with over 1,100 recruiters who do international placements. ResumeZapper is not a resume-posting site; they concentrate solely on the resume distribution to recruiters.

Some Special Features of ResumeZapper are:

  • Industry Targeting: ResumeZapper sends your resume only to headhunters who recruit in your Industry.
  • Geographic Targeting: Select which states you want to work in, ResumeZapper then sends your resume to those recruiters who make placements in those states.
  • Customization: ResumeZapper will customize your distribution to your needs.
  • Confidentiality: ResumeZapper helps you keep your job search private with a private inbox.
  • Access to the Hidden Job Market: Not All Jobs are advertised, so email your resume to the recruiters with the jobs.
  • Instant Distribution: Jump Start your job search by emailing your resume to 1000's of Top Recruiters. offers a wide range of resume distribution services to meet your needs.

Theirbasic service includes distribution of your resume and cover letter to a list of general recruiters (600 of them) who want to receive all resumes and INCLUDES your choice of 3 INDUSTRY / DISCIPLINE SELECTIONS AND up to 3 GEOGRAPHIC FILTER SELECTIONS.

For those of you who want more than the basic service they offer several advanced features in addition. You can increase your exposure by choosing an additional 3 industries/disciplines to increase the distribution of your resume even further. The more industries you choose, the more recruiters will receive your resume!

Protect your Privacy with our Confidential Email Box. Choose to have the recruiters direct their replies to a confidential e-mail address You will also be provided with a list of those recruiters who were sent your resume.




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