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Your Career, Your Calling

Your Career, Your Calling

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“Your Career, Your Calling: Expert Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (Find Joy In Your Work!)

We get started Tuesday, October 18th and these 15 (virtual) interview events run over five weeks so you can attend as many as possible.

If you’re feeling burned out, stressed, drained, stuck or stalled at this point in your career, we want to change that for you so you can have more ease, joy, fulfillment, energy, and passion for the important work that you do in your career and job each day, each week, each month.

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In this multi-expert virtual (teleseminar format) event you’ll learn:

  • How to easily align your career and work with your strengths and what you’re great at.
  • How you can let your authentic self lead you to a career path that excites, energizes & expands you
  • See new possibilities for yourself to “live the work you love
  • How to position yourself as an expert and ask (and get) a raise
  • How you, as a Woman, CAN have it all. The money. The man. The magic of being a woman.
  • The 3 soul-sapping career patterns you must avoid
  • What a Fortune 100 CEO has to say about true career success
  • Why now is the ideal time to make the change that you have wanted to make!
  • The magic triangle of feeling totally “in the zone” in your most ideal, thriving career
  • How to re-frame breakdowns into breakthroughs
  • The five things every woman must know in order to achieve and keep financial freedom
  • The secret behind why your financial abundance is based on your perception of Self
  • What it takes to build a world-class career and still maintain a happy, balanced and joyful life

This is the time for you to create your most ideal career and find your true calling… Right?

You’ll walk away from this virtual conference with the formula for creating the magic triangle of career fulfillment.

So, as a woman with amazing skills & talents, are you ready to create your most ideal career?

If your answer is “Yes” join us: We get started Tuesday, October 18th and these 15 (virtual) interview events run over five weeks through November 17th so you can attend as many as possible.

You’ll walk away from this summit with the step-by-step secrets and strategies for creating the next phase of your career with ease, energy, passion, and wealth.  If you’re looking for simple tools to have what you want in your career, this is the (virtual) conference for you!  Don’t miss out – just go here to register and I’ll “see” you on the line during my interview!


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