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What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired Part 3

What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired Part 3

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What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired Part 3
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What ‘Angry Birds’ Can Teach You About Getting Hired
PART 3 (How to Become MORE than just the ‘RED BIRD’)

By Skip Freeman,

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of blogs where author of the best-selling “Headhunter” Hiring Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever! and professional “headhunter” Skip Freeman draws an analogy between “Angry Birds,” the wildly popular online game, and another, far more important game—the hiring game. Previous blogs in this series are: The Pig’s Lair (Part I) and Are YOU the ‘Red Bird’? (Part II).

As a quick review:  We are on level 1 . . . the game starts . . . and the first bevy of birds is set to go—three bouncing, flipping red birds. We pull back the sling shot, let a red bird fly, sit back and watch what happens. The bird (job seeker) sails through the air, the screen moves from left to right, the lair (company) comes into view, the bird (job seeker) hits somewhere and “hopefully” we achieve a breakthrough by knocking down some of the barriers surrounding the lair (company), enabling us to find a way in and get to the pigs (influencers and decision makers).

(By the way, we are NOT suggesting that influencers and hiring managers are pigs! This is simply an analogy of the game.)

So, what do most people do when they first decide to look for a new job? They “load” themselves into the “sling shot,” become a “red bird” and “fire” themselves off willy-nilly at a company after finding some posting online, sending in their résumé and hoping they will achieve a breakthrough by getting an interview with the company.


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