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Branding Yourself to be 'Headhunted', Part 2

Branding Yourself to be 'Headhunted', Part 2

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Part 2 – Want to be “headhunted?” Here’s how!

EDITOR’S NOTE: In last week’s article we examined what a “headhunter” does, as well as what he or she does NOT do. To briefly recap, a “headhunter's” primary mission is to find the TOP-performing talent for a hiring company. These TOP performers will currently be successfully performing in a job similar to, if not identical to, the position(s) a company is trying to fill. This week’s blog examines how YOU can get on a “headhunter’s” “radar.”

In last week’s article I dispelled a number of myths about “headhunters,” i.e., we are NOT “employment agencies,” we are NOT “career counselors” and we are NOT in business of “finding people jobs.” Moreover, I emphasized that virtually ALL “headhunters” concentrate their recruiting efforts in a very specific market niche, e.g., chemical sales, advertising, IT, finance, etc.  In other words, a candidate first HAS to be in our market niche before we will even potentially be interested in them.

Since a company pays a “headhunter” a fee between 25% and 33% of the candidate’s first year’s base salary, they aren’t going to pay us a fee for someone they feel they could easily find themselves nor will they pay us a fee for someone who can’t do the job. Yes, the company may hire someone with transferable skills who is “trainable,” but they will not pay a “headhunter” a fee for that person. A lot of people get frustrated with us when we tell them “we can’t help you,” but the candidate is not our client. The company is our client and the only reason a company will pay us a fee is for us to bring them someone who is not only exactly right for the job but who is a top performer. Another way to look at it is this: We are paid to help a company hire someone who is in the top 20% and protect them from those in the bottom 80%.

Now with that having been said, “Want to be ‘headhunted?’ Here’s how!

•    Be findable
•    Be desirable
•    Be contactable
•    Be selectable


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