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Free Networking Scripts!

Free Networking Scripts!

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Instant Job Search Calling Confidence Miracle Scripts

Do you truly dread the idea of calling a stranger – or even a friend – to do some job search networking?

Do you worry about what to say after hello , much less how to carry on a conversation?

Do you fear the dreaded R word—rejection? That people won’t have time or interest in talking to you?

Are you wondering if your job search is suffering because you are avoiding calling the people who could get you into the hidden job market?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone. Right up there with fear of public speaking and great heights is the fear of calling strangers – and sometimes even friends – when you’re in job search.

What if you could have simple yet incredibly effective scripts to help you sound professional and confident?What if you could have these scripts to use in a myriad of situations?

Help is here!


These “instant scripts” give you a step-by-step formula. Now you can overcome your fear in time to find just the right words. Simply plug in your information and you’re good to go. You can use Instant Job Search Calling Confidence Miracle Scripts to make the networking connections that can get you into the hidden job market.

Instant scripts you can use to call all the people who can help you get job leads in the hidden job market

* potential hiring managers–a gutsy version and one for those of us who aren’t quite ready to do “gutsy”
* people you met but didn’t stay in touch with,–how to smooth things over if they are feeling a little neglected by you
* recruiters—guidelines for a variety of situations
* people who used to work at your target companies—and what you need to remember
* people you found on linkedin—the call to make BEFORE you invite them to connect with you
* industry or thought leaders, and more…

There are also carefully crafted “openers” for a wide variety of situations you may encounter when they answer the phone, for example:

* they are too busy to talk
* they are at an airport or in a meeting
* they don’t remember you and more….

You get:

* More confidence because you will know exactly what to say in every situation
* More visibility in the hidden job market so you hear about “hidden” jobs
* A feeling of pride and accomplishment
* Faster start to more rewarding conversations with new networking connections

And you’ll get to feel really badly for all those who are trying to network without this safety net.

Instant Job Search Calling Confidence Miracle Scripts

You will receive an email with a link to your scripts within 24 hours...


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