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Winning the Face-to-Face Interview by 'Leading the Witness'

Winning the Face-to-Face Interview by 'Leading the Witness'

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In “‘Headhunter’ Hiring Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever!,” I make the following statement, right up front, in the Introduction & Overview:

“. . . as we enter the new decade, there actually are TWO sets of rules being used to play the (hiring) game:

•    The old rules most candidates think hiring companies still play be; and,

•    The new rules that the hiring companies are actually playing by.”

Unfortunately, many of the new rules are designed not only to put as many “road blocks” and other barriers/obstacles as possible in the path of today’s job seeker, they also are specifically designed to eliminate as many job seekers as possible, as quickly as possible. In this blog, I am going to tell you about a method/approach I use effectively with my recruiting firm’s candidates to circumvent these obstacles, a method/approach that gives these candidates far more power and control than most think they have over the direction and pace of the face-to-face interview. This method/approach is known as “leading the witness,” and it can help you WIN during the face-to-face interview too!

Before we examine the “leading the witness” method/approach, though, let me briefly illustrate the width and depth of the chasm that currently exists between how today’s job seekers think the hiring game is played and how it actually is played by companies, by directly quoting from the “purpose statement” featured in the human resources manual of a very large Fortune 500 company:


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