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Follow Up Friday Podcast for 9/30/2011

Follow Up Friday Podcast for 9/30/2011

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Using LinkedIn in Your Job Transition - Parts 8 (of a 9 part series)

Are you or have you considered using LinkedIn in your job transition? ( This incredible resource is used by people to connect to other professionals in order to make sales, form partnerships, and get jobs. LinkedIn is a network of more than 40 million professionals in almost 170 industries. It is such a great resource that we have created a 9 part video series about it; join us each week as we explore ways to use LinkedIn to maximum benefit.





As the work week comes to a close, take a few moments to review where you have spent your time:

1. Have you touched base with people, maybe said "Thank You" for an idea or piece of help you received?

2. Have you followed up on all your activities, applications, calls, emails?

We hope you will start your next week with us and our Motivation Monday podcast.



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  • Staying motivated and dedicated to the job search is the way to handle job transition

  • Each Monday we highlight a few interesting news items, aimed at providing ideas and maybe even inspiration for the person in job transition is Your Job Transition Website! Providing information, ideas and inspiration on a daily basis. Please share this with someone you know suffering from job-loss.


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