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The Key to Mental Well Being During Job Search

The Key to Mental Well Being During Job Search

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The Key to Mental Well Being During Job Search
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The Key to Mental Well Being During Job Search
By Carrie Kruger -  Job Search Specialist at Jobfully

A new poll shows long term unemployment leads to worry, sadness, anger and stress. The Gallup poll reveals that levels of all four go up as a job search lengthens and depression strikes more than a quarter of those out of work for longer than 11 weeks, nearly double the rate of depression for all adults.

None of this is a big surprise. If you are deep into a job search, chances are you’ve experienced worry, sadness, anger or stress.  But the poll revealed one key thing that makes all the difference in mental well being during job search: HOPE.   Job searchers who reported feeling hopeful had far more manageable levels of the other feelings, and less depression overall.

How to you hang on to hope in the midst of heavy competition, rejection and economic stress?

Here are five ways...



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