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1. Franchise Opportunities | Start a Business
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... Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, ...
2. Michigan Works! Association
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Find Out What Michigan Works! Can do For You ...
3. MIchigan Works
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We can save you time, effort, money and uncertainty as you hire and retain employees for your business or organization. It's a no-cost way to make your business stronger. It's human resources — made easier. ...
4. Michigan Talent Bank
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Whether you are looking for a job or looking for employees, the Michigan Talent Bank is the place to be. If you are a job seeker, search more than 15,000 new job openings monthly and post your resume so ...
5. Michigan State Police
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6. Michigan State Jobs
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7. Michigan Veterans' Employment Services
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8. Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
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9. Michigan Unemployment Program
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Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency problem resolution system has gone virtual. The state agency has officially launched a unique and innovative system that allows unemployed workers in Michigan to ...
10. Michigan Detroit Entrepreneurs and Independent Workers
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Detroit Entrepreneurs and Independent Workers
11. Michigan Detroit High Speed Networking
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Detroit High Speed Networking For Professionals
12. Michigan Detroit
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News Source for Top Stories in Detroit, Michigan ...
13. Michigan Unemployment Claims
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Michigan unemployment claims website ...
14. Michigan State Website: Working in Michigan
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Work, Jobs, Employment Resources for the State of Michigan ...
15. Motivation Monday Podcast for 12/27/2010
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... of Michigan Employers have a Negative Reserve Balance 2011 Career Plan: The Best Moves Now for a Solid Future Optimistic Hiring Expectations Students aren't Making the Grade as Professionals ...
16. Tuesday Tips for 12/21/2010
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... yesterday? Watch Now or Listen: /images/Podcast/outlook-news-101220.mp3 35% of Michigan Employers have a Negative Reserve Balance 2011 Career Plan: The Best Moves Now for a Solid Future ...
17. Motivation Monday Podcast for 12/20/2010
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  In today's video podcast (watch now)   35% of Michigan Employers have a Negative Reserve Balance 2011 Career Plan: The Best Moves Now for a Solid Future Optimistic Hiring Expectations ...
18. Motivation Monday Podcast for 8/2/2010
(Podcasts/Motivation Mondays)
...  Highest recent increase in jobless claims: California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois and Tennessee. Recent decrease in layoffs: New York, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. ...

Coping With Job Layoff

When people learn that they are about to lose their jobs, they experience a wide range of emotions. This article provides a brief overview and can point you to additional content on this website that may help you figure out what to do next.

Starting a Business

Are you an entrepreneur? Would you like to work out of your own home? Starting a business is a big decision, and it can be very rewarding. Browse this list of questions to help you know if now is the time for you to strike it out on your own.

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