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1. Franchise Opportunities | Start a Business
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... get into business for yourself - not by yourself! Our process is purely educational and absolutely 100% FREE. Opportunities in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, ...
2. California - San Jose Workforce Skills Center
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Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of training to the unemployed, underemployed, veterans, the disabled, and disadvantaged persons who desire to gain a better foothold in the job market. ...
3. California Highway Patrol
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4. California State Personnel Board
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5. California Jobs with California Division of Veterans Affairs
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6. California Employment Resources for Veterans
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7. California Department of Veterans Affairs
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8. California Unemployment Claims
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... federal-state program, based on federal law, but executed through state law. Employers finance the UI program by tax contributions. In California, the EDD administers the UI program according to guidelines ...
9. California State Website: Working in California
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Work, Jobs, Employment Resources for the State of California ...
10. Motivation Monday Podcast 12/12/2011
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...  Californians for Population Stabilization have Launched a TV Campaign Firms of All Sizes Experienced a Decrease in Gross Job Gains in the 1st QTR 2011 is Your Job Transition ...
11. Tuesday Tips for 12/06/11
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... you miss our Motivation Monday podcast yesterday? Watch Now or Listen: /images/Podcast/outlook-news-111205.mp3 10 Emerging Entrepreneur Markets and Business Opportunities Californians for ...
12. Motivation Monday Podcast for 12/05/2011
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In today's video podcast (watch now)   10 Emerging Entrepreneur Markets and Business Opportunities Californians for Population Stabilization have Launched a TV Campaign Firms of All Sizes ...
13. Job Recovery Checklist
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... of returns separating your categories: are they consistent? Check abbreviation of state names. All state abbreviations are two letters - no periods. For example, New York is abbreviated NY, California ...
14. Motivation Monday Podcast for 8/2/2010
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...  Highest recent increase in jobless claims: California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois and Tennessee. Recent decrease in layoffs: New York, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. ...

Coping With Job Layoff

When people learn that they are about to lose their jobs, they experience a wide range of emotions. This article provides a brief overview and can point you to additional content on this website that may help you figure out what to do next.

Starting a Business

Are you an entrepreneur? Would you like to work out of your own home? Starting a business is a big decision, and it can be very rewarding. Browse this list of questions to help you know if now is the time for you to strike it out on your own.

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